Nature Calls: The Wonders of Wood in Your Bathroom Design

One of the growing bathroom design trends in 2024 is the desire to create a spa-like experience that turns your bathroom from a purely functional space to a haven you can retreat to.

With a bit of planning, you can create a bathroom that's both stylish and serene. By incorporating natural materials and textures into your wall panel and flooring choices, you can transform your bathroom into the perfect place to unwind and recharge. Here are some of Bath & More’s nature-inspired products that’ll help you do just that. 

Warm Welcome

The warmth of wood tones is a great place to start in creating your zen bathroom. Whether it’s on the walls with our low maintenance but high-performance wood effect wall panels, or underfoot with our flooring ranges, we have something for you.

Multipanel Naturepanel Bathroom Wall Panels are quick and easy to install and 100% waterproof. Shown here in Bleached Cuneo Oak, they are also available in Warmia Walnut and Brown Cuneo Oak for an even richer wood finish.



If your aesthetic is more on the rustic side, try Salvaged Planked Elm (shown directly below) from Multipanel’s Linda Barker range or for a lighter touch Bushboard Nuance New England panels fit the bill.





Mermaid Inspirational Bathroom Surfaces is another popular brand at Bath & More which also offers wood effect wall panels in a variety of finishes including:

Mermaid Wall Panels (in order) ‘Pine Island’, ‘Hickory Plank’ and ‘Brittany Oak’.


Toasty Toes

If you prefer to limit wood-effect product to your floor, we also have your back (and your feet)! Specifically designed with high moisture content areas in mind, our bathroom flooring products from Multipanel and Mermaid don’t just look the part – they perform the part.

Naturally warmer underfoot than tiles, our range of wood effect vinyl click flooring will create a warm, comfortable surface for bare feet and is 100% waterproof. 



Mermaid Flooring Plank in ‘Parma’ and ‘Ravenna



Above ‘Warm Smoked Oak’ and ‘Aspen Oak’ Vinyl Click Flooring by Multipanel both have strong grain patterns and warm tones for the ultimate earthy experience. 


The visual warmth from wood can of course be enhanced with the toasty feeling of underfloor heating. Our WarmUp range offers fast, easy, and secure installation as well as a manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.



We hope that part 1 of our Nature Calls blog has inspired you to create some earthy elegance in your own bathing space with these wonderful wood-inspired products. Look out for part 2 where we explore the serenity of stone – and don’t forget to view our full range of products, including new arrivals, at 

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