Nature Calls Part 02: Stone Serenity

Natural stone has a timeless appeal in interior design. It evokes a sense of luxury and a connection to nature. When it comes to bathrooms however, real stone –whilst undeniably beautiful- can also be high maintenance, susceptible to staining, and quite expensive.
Here at Bath & More we understand the allure of a spa-like stone bathroom and that’s why you’ll find lots of stone effect products within our ranges. These innovative materials offer the best of both worlds: the gorgeous aesthetics of natural stone with the practicality and affordability of modern materials.

Blooming Marble-ous - Marble Effect Wall Panels

A great alternative to tiles, bathroom wall panels provide a clean, grout-free and waterproof wall covering in a range of stylish finishes. Quick and easy to install, our wall panels mimic the appearance of everything from wood and tile, to beautiful stone surfaces that delight the senses! Here are just SOME of our favourite marble effect wall panels. To view our full range of bathroom wall panels click here.

Multipanel Onyx Marble Wall Panels
Above – a stunning feature wall created using ‘Onyx Marble’ Multipanel Bathroom Wall Panels.

If you prefer stronger veining, why not try Mermaid’s ‘Marmo Migliore’ or Nuance’s ‘Turin Marble Ultramatt’ for more of a honed effect marble (both shown below).
Mermaid Marmo Migliore and Nuance Turin Marble Ultramatt Wall Panels

If you prefer a more subtle look than a ‘slab’ of marble, choose from our selection of ‘marble tile’ effect wall panels. A couple of our favourites include the ‘Levanto’ range by Multipanel shown here in ‘Levanto Marble Tile’ also available in ‘Levanto Marble Metro Tile’ and ‘Levanto Marble Herringbone Tile’.
Multipanel Levanto Marble Wall Panels
For a more industrial aesthetic, why not add some depth using ‘Ferro Grafite’ black marble effect wall panels from Linda Barker’s collaboration with Multipanel?

A Clean Slate: Slate Effect Walls, Floors & Shower Trays

Slate's beauty transcends trends, making it a popular choice for many bathroom designers. It can effortlessly fit into a modern minimalist design with its clean lines and natural tones or add a touch of rustic charm to a traditional setting. Here are just some of our most popular slate effect products.

Mermaid’s offerings in bathroom wall panels give a nod to three distinct slate variations – ‘Scafell Slate’ (main picture) and also ‘Sicilian Slate’ and ‘Welsh Slate’ which have darker tones.
Slate isn't just visually interesting, it's a tactile treat, so why not indulge your senses with a slate-effect shower tray underfoot? MX Minerals shower trays are handmade from Cast Stone Resin for that traditional and truly timeless textured slate feel and a slip resistant surface. Available in ‘Ice White’, ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Ash Grey’ (shown below) and in a variety of sizes.
Quick-Step Laminate Flooring is an excellent water-resistant choice for bathrooms that is naturally warmer underfoot than real slate, also compatible with underfloor heating, and carries a lifetime guarantee. We have two slate effect options in our range including Quick-Step ‘Muse Grey Slate’ (below left) and ‘Muse Black Slate' (below right).
Quick-Step Muse Slate Laminate Flooring
Overall, stone-effect products offer a way to achieve the luxurious look and timeless feel of natural stone in your bathroom, without the drawbacks of cost, installation, and maintenance. The products featured offer great quality and durability but are only a snapshot of what we have to offer so please visit us at for full product details and to see our extensive product collection.