Different Types of Bathroom Heating Solutions

In this article, we outline 4 types of heating products available at Bath & More that can efficiently heat your bathroom in a variety of ways.

Choose from the following list for the best ways to heat your bathroom, like with a traditional wall radiator, perhaps a vertical radiator or a designer radiator to add a touch of modern class to your home bathroom. Don’t forget about heating not visible to the eye, underfloor heating! A great way to not only keep your feet cosy on those cold winter days but also an efficient way to heat up your bathroom.

1. Radiators

When you think of heating, one of the first things that come to mind is definitely radiators. A traditional way to heat any part of your home and a great addition to your bathroom.

Check out some great radiators from Lazzarini, Eucotherm, Reina and Ideal Bathrooms at Bath & More. Find different sizes and styles to suit any bathroom, and evenly distribute heat across the space to avoid condensation and help alleviate dampness across your bathroom.


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2. Towel Warmers

A great way to heat up your bathroom space and keep any wet towels dry are towel warmers, also known as towel radiators. Our range of towel warmers is available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes like chrome and anthracite.

Choose from electric or pipe-connected radiators to fit your bathroom layout. Evenly distributing heat through multiple corrosion-resistant, coated pipes, towel warmers are best used in bathrooms.

towel warmers

3. Underfloor Heating

A heating element that often gets overlooked is underfloor heating. This is a great way to ensure even distribution of heat across the entire bathroom floor surface, to help battle cold tiled flooring and dampness. Electric underfloor heating is highly adaptable and can be highly efficient once installed.

Check out our options from Warmpup, offering great and affordable underfloor heating sticky mats which can be paired with most heating controllers.

underfloor heating

4. Designer Radiators

For even the most stylish bathroom interiors, there is a heating solution to match. Our range of stylish designer radiators can work in any room. With tall, vertical radiators to heat up any open space, and corner radiators that blend nicely into any corner of a room.

Check out designer radiators from Eucotherm and Lazzarini at Bath & More.

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No matter which option you choose, heating your bathroom is essential for your well-being and your home’s longevity. Eliminate high levels of condensation, mould build up and dampness with an evenly heated bathroom thanks to our towel warmers, vertical radiators and underfloor heating solutions.

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